The Martin Group was formed with a specific goal in mind; create a partnership of technologists, capitalists and philanthropists, utilizing venture capital as a force to create value and enable change on a local and global scale. Through our relationships, The Martin Group is able to provide capital, financing, and expertise to early stage companies. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs navigate the unique challenges of building a growing and thriving business. We are proud of our successful track record doing just that, and of providing capital and critical resources to allow our partners to build substantive and successful businesses.

Success is born from a combination of passion and expertise. Our team brings both to the table when we work with early stage companies and startups to help them build a financial and organizational framework that supports their vision. Every business and every industry has its own unique problems and challenges, and we have a history of helping our partners to meet and exceed those challenges. Our international network of relationships, combined with our commitment to integrity and discretion, produce successful outcomes with substantial growth for each of our investments.

Providing capital, financing, and expertise to early stage companies.